A Father's Promise: Losing 84 Pounds To Run With His Kids

ByCrossFit May 1, 2020

After being warned by doctors that his sedentary lifestyle and poor diet had put him on a path to Type 2 diabetes and an early demise, Ron Britt decided to make a change.

“When the doctor gave me all of that bad news, the first thing I thought about was my children,” Britt says.

“It just really, really hit me hard like a bag of bricks,” he adds.

Instead of opting for a steady course of intense medication, Britt decided to take control of his health through fitness and nutrition.

When Britt walked into CrossFit NYC in New York, New York, coach Erica Celini helped Britt work to better his health.

“The changes that Ron has made with his nutrition (are) super simple,” Celini says. “Eat real food. Eliminate processed garbage.”

In addition to changing his nutrition, Britt always shows up to the gym and puts in the work, Celini adds.

“Walking is easier, climbing the stairs, running after the kids—all of these things are just so much easier,” Britt says.

At the time of filming, Britt had already lost 84 lb.