Global Mentor Program

We built this program for you. As you build your business, you’ll need somebody who has been there and can provide you with perspectives you are unable to see. That is exactly what CrossFit’s mentors from within the CrossFit Affiliate Global Mentor Program will do! Mentors spare you from making costly mistakes or learning lessons the hard way.


How can the Global Mentor Program serve you?

The Global Mentor Program provides actionable tools and ideas that you can apply to your business and community. The program’s goal is to create a foundational mentor product to support and advise both emerging and existing affiliate owners. The objective is to collaborate with pre-operational affiliate owners and applicants to facilitate the development of your business through the CrossFit methodology, while also guiding existing affiliate owners on your path toward growth. By working with experts within CrossFit HQ and the CrossFit community, we will craft personalized agendas and milestones—ranging from business strategies to retail opportunities to supplementary revenue streams—to enhance your affiliate ownership.




By joining the Global Mentor Program, you will be given access to the following:

  • Two dedicated mentors:
    • Business Mentor serving your overarching business needs and acting as your primary mentor.
    • Coach Mentor advising on coach development, class planning and programming, and OnRamp program integration.
  • Pre-qualification survey to determine your strengths, weaknesses, and roadmap for your mentorship journey.
  • One (1) onboarding call to meet your mentors and discuss your goals, current status, challenges, and set the foundation for the next several months.
  • Two (2) one-on-one mentor sessions per month with your dedicated Business Mentor:
    • One-on-one sessions provide focused and individualized attention to your business planning, staff development, and membership growth as you prepare to open.
  • One (1) one-on-one mentor session per month with your dedicated Coach Mentor:
    • One-on-one sessions provide focused and individualized attention to your coach development, class planning and logistics, programming, and more.
  • One (1) small group session per month with your Business Mentor and up to four (4) additional participants:
    • Small group sessions provide additional opportunities for development and accountability wherein you learn not only from your mentor but also from your peers.
  • One (1) small group session per month with your Coach Mentor and up to four (4) additional participants:
    • Small group sessions provide opportunities for group discussions on coach development, lesson planning, scaling, and more with your mentor and peers.
  • Online Group Forum:
    • The online group forum provides a platform to communicate and interact with your mentor and peers; ask questions, provide feedback, propose ideas, share resources, and engage your cohort to get the most out of the program.
  • Mentor-Mentee Action Plan:
    • Track tasks, due-outs, opening status, and feedback to maintain accountability, reinforce priorities, keep you on track, and provide program feedback.
  • OnRamp Program Integration:
    • Templates and best practices for building, integrating, and executing an OnRamp program for new members.
  • Nutrition Tutorial for New Members & Increased Revenues:
    • Learn the basics of making nutrition a foundation of your affiliate, and how to introduce nutrition to your members on Day 1.
  • And more!

Why did CrossFit create the Global Mentor Program?

There is nothing more we want at CrossFit than to see you succeed as an affiliate owner and business leader. We want to be part of your journey toward growth as you set out to transform lives through health, fitness, and nutrition as an emerging CrossFit affiliate.

Among small business owners and Fortune 500 CEOs alike, mentorship is often considered a critical opportunity in starting and operating a business. According to the U.S. Small Business Association (SBA), over 70% of small businesses that received mentorship survived more than five years — more than double the survival rate of non-mentored businesses. The same SBA survey found that 88% of business owners with a mentor said that having one was invaluable. In Europe, the European Union similarly finds success rates through business mentor programs and launched an EU-wide Mentor Academy in late 2022 to strengthen European small business owners and entrepreneurs.

What does the CrossFit Affiliate Global Mentor Program cost?

The program costs $550 per month* and provides world-class mentorship, teaching principles, practical knowledge, and actionable tools.

There is an initial three-month commitment to the program, after which participants pay month-to-month.

*Note: In most markets

Guiding the values of our mentorship program are six principles

CareOur mentors are dedicated to your success, and their care for you sets a standard for the care you have with your gym, staff, and members.
TrustThe mentor-mentee relationship is built on transparency and confidence, allowing each individual to be their authentic self.
Relationship-buildingMentors and mentees actively build healthy and productive working relationships; mentors model and practice effective communication and leadership skills, while helping mentees to develop these same skills.
CollaborationEffective mentorship is bidirectional, and small group sessions further feed discussion and collaboration to nurture the development of the whole person.
Continuous learningA steadfast principle of CrossFit’s Training and Education department, continuous learning, and thirst for knowledge build robust systems, processes, and skills to strengthen your business and member services.
Accountability Accountability and intentionality is the foundation of any successful mentoring activity; developing an agreed-upon set of goals and activities will help both mentor and mentee cultivate a meaningful relationship and attain the defined objectives.